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Use of Mobile Phones for Studying – Pros and Cons

Mobile phones – The technological revolution

The things technology has made possible are surprising. Wireless communication was made possible with the invention of the mobile phone, and then this contraption developed into the smart phone that is much more powerful, efficient and resourceful than yesterday’s desktop computers. Its portability and resourcefulness means that the mobile phone has taken over the lives of a lot of people, and is a big part of the lives of many more.

Mobile Phones in the classroom

Among the users of the mobile phone, a large number of persons are students, and they use the mobile phone in their college just as they do at home, and even in the classroom. What for? Apart from communication with others, they might use their phones to contact online with college term paper writers, record lectures, access eBooks and course-related files, listen to audio or even play games. Mobile phones, hence, can be both a resource to study and an object of distraction. Let us look at a few pros and cons.

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Mobile phones are extremely resourceful, and their resourcefulness can indubitably be utilized in the classroom just like anywhere else. Taking notes is easy on a smart phone these days, and so is recording a lecture using a phone’s audio recorder. Carrying books is not necessary as eBooks are now available on any laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


So is there anything that goes against using smartphones in classrooms and for studying? Just like any other technology, mobile phones have their pros and cons. The use of mobile phones must be regulated. Looking at the screen of a smart phone for long periods of time can cause damage to the eyesight and lead to other problems like insomnia. Also, students get distracted by mobile phones very easily, and wastage of time due to that is not at all advantageous.


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