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Four important elements of a thesis work

Thesis writing is one of the most important academic commitments you come across. This is also, the majority of the times, the final commitment in the academia, where students have to spend a lot of time on different aspects related to the assignments as essays, term paper, research papers etc. and provide a detailed analysis or a report about it. It is important to remember that a complete dedication and thorough planning are required in order to ensure a good thesis assignment, otherwise your quality will suffer and eventually your grades will suffer. Thesis forms an important part of your grade point average and therefore it must be taken very seriously.

In order to get quality work and ensure everything is addressed in the right manner, writing thesis should be based on different portions, breaks or elements. Today our blog post will talk about four important elements of a really good thesis work, which will impress your professors and give you a chance to get your work published.


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A great background

Thesis work is usually an extension of already done research in a specific field of interest or a topic, it is completed in order to add further value to already existing piles of research and provide a perspective. So a great background supporting such facts, is a crucial element of a successful thesis assignment.

A good literature

A good literature is like the spine and backbone of your thesis assignment. If your literature is strong, your thesis will be stronger. So it is very important to develop great arguments in a thesis work.

A strong research methodology

Designing methodology to just get over thesis is not enough. Your methodology should ensure a strong justification for the mechanism you have designed.

Strong analysis and conclusions

Finally, your data is only useful if your analysis is strong and conclusions are based on perfect rationale. So always focus on developing great looking analysis after you have all the data from research methodology.

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How parents’ intervention helps in resolving a student’s problems

Students face different problems during their academic life and require proper guidance and direction in order to have a smooth sailing. One such problem is related to homework, college paper writing or assignments. It has been noted that where parents play an active role and show adequate interest in their child’s study routine and work, there have been fewer problems faced by them. Hence, in certain instances, it is advisable that parents intervene and coordinate with teachers and instructors to effectively solve their child’s study related issues. Here are a few ways these interventions can take place.

Build a parent teacher connection

A contract with the teacher must be built from the very start of the course. This is necessary since you need to be aware of who is teaching your child and conversely the instructors should also be aware that the parents are taking a keen interest in their child’s studies. It is best to adopt a proactive approach and get connected with the teacher early on and work with the child’s strengths and weaknesses before any issue arises.

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Contact the teacher in case the problem is serious

In most cases, it is best to let the child work hard and make all the effort in resolving academic problems in coordination with teachers. However, when the problem gets out of hand and the child is continuously facing the same issue, then it is best that the teacher be contacted in order to get a complete solution to the problem.

Look at the teacher as a partner

It must be remembered that the teacher is working for the betterment of their student, hence whenever an issue is to be taken to the teacher it should be taken with a positive mindset. The teacher should be looked at as a proxy parent and hence must be treated as such.

Have a problem-solving approach

Lastly, the overall approach that must be adopted should aim at solving the problem as effectively as possible.

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The Qualities Required by Good Academic Advisors to Resolve Student Issues

Students these days need counseling on a number of fronts. Whether it is related to studies or a student’s personal life, academic advisors play an important role in facilitating the student through their student life and make decisions easier for them and resolve problems to the best of their abilities. Let us explore what qualities the excellent academic advisors must possess so that students can gain maximum benefit from their services.

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Extends support

Students throughout their studies are in need of support. It is the responsibility of academic advisors to adopt a proactive approach and be one step ahead of the students approaching deadlines which include applying into universities, any help sessions that may be required at certain levels of education, etc. Students can also get high quality custom term paper writing service from TopPaperWriter.com. Apart from being involved in active dissemination of information that can be of use to the students, their presence as a full time support system has to be made. Students must know that there is a third person readily available to listen to their woes and offer solution apart from their teachers and parents. The whole purpose is to facilitate the students in a professional manner so that at no point in time their studies get affected.

Clears confusions

Students may have many confusions regarding their future and may not be aware of the options that are present for them. Academic advisors are responsible for not only clearing confusions, but also directing the students properly so that they can make informed decisions about their future.


Sometimes all that students need is someone who will only listen to their problems. As mentioned earlier, academic advisors act as a third person whom the students can approach easily, hence their role as a mediator in problems is very crucial.

Exudes positive energy

Lastly, academic counselors must give out positive energy since students approach them with their future career issues and other problems, hence they need to be current and up-to-date in their knowledge about professions and must offer advice as positively as possible.


3 Things You Should Know About Your Graduate Degree

The aspirations to be a graduate and getting your university degree, seems a fascinating prospect which also brings in a lot of excitement, emotions and learning. The chapter of graduation brings in new challenges in your life and gives you the feeling of empowerment and of being a grown up. However, just the prospect of graduating might seem enticing, the things and hard work you have to carry up and perform can take its toll and impact your life if you fail to cope up with it.

Students should prepare themselves for all kinds of challenges that they will surely going to come across as the degree or professional assignment to take its momentum and goes into the more advanced or later stages of the academia. We are going to talk about four things that you should definitely know and mentally allow yourself to prepare before you begin your graduation degree.

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Do not take decisions based out of hurry or stress

Graduation commitment and degree are not short-term episodes. They cover a long duration of time and require both strong financial as well as time commitment. If you think, you do not have any one of those, then you should look for alternatives rather than enrolling yourself in a difficult program. This will only bring you more stress.

Always explore your options

Even though you might already have decided for your graduation program, always decide and explore your options in terms of institutions and programs. Do not listen to people from everywhere, just ensure you take the right advice from people who are experienced and can properly guide you.

Work on preparing yourself for the degree

University means a much more advanced level of studying. So a lot more growing up is required, before your university starts, learn to advance your writing skills and how you approach your subjects.Prepare for some courses by reading the related material prior to the program begins.

University degree does not guarantee a job

While the importance of university degree might be a lot, but it will never guarantee you a job especially in today’s time. Always work on finding opportunities and never blindly rely on university degree to get you the job you want.

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Three ways to make an impressive scholarship application

Applying for a Scholarship Program

Scholarship programs are the classic way of studying for free. However, keeping the sarcasm aside, scholarship is one of the most effective modes of getting a financial grant which does not have to be repaid. It is also an evidence of the fact that you are academically strong and have the right achievements to deserve such an honor, as not everyone is eligible or gets through a scholarship application.

To apply for a scholarship application, you need to properly plan it and look for ways to make it impressive. Filling up an application over-night will most probably result in total rejection. As there are areas that you need to focus on within the application to make it effective and bring it into strong consideration.

Gather all your academic achievements

A scholarship application will need backing up facts and evidences. First of all you will need records of all your achievements. Because everything you write and mention, will need evidence so ensure you have copies of all the certifications and accreditations you have gathered over time.

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Write a strong scholarship essay

One part of the application will ask you to define yourself and why you should be considered for the scholarship program. This is where you will invest most of your time in. You should have a really strong essay that is free of any errors or exaggerated comments. You can take the help from your professors or parents to fill this part of the application.

Make a checklist

Find out all the requirements and documents needed for the application. Then go on to make a checklist, keep the checklist with you as you go through different stages of your application. You can cross down the things you have, this will keep you on track and make you not forget any part of the application.

In my next post I will share how to purchase term papers online.

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Tips on How to Be Effective in A Group Project

Group projects are the bane of every student’s existence. It’s hard enough trying to work by yourself, when several other people get involved, it becomes incredibly challenging. You have to make sure everyone is happy while equally pulling their weight.. Though it’s no guarantee you’ll have a good time in a group project even if you’re with your friends. There are some simple guidelines to help your group be an effective one:

  1. Delegate, delegate, delegate

It goes without saying that work must be divided up and delegated. As you are all classmates, you have a pretty good idea of what each others strengths and weaknesses are. Assign duties according to their strengths. Make sure that everyone has a fair load

  1. Do not appoint yourself as Atlas

Atlas was a Greek Titan that held the sky on his shoulders. Do not become the one who assumes all the responsibilities. Just as you care about your grades, so do the others. If you decide to take care of everything, not only will others lose interest in the project, they will take advantage of the fact.

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  1. Have meetings

It’s important to keep a check on each other without being antagonizing. Have weekly or daily meetings, according to the project where everyone brings their work. This way students can help each other out if anyone has run into a problem. On the other hand, it also reveals who has not been taking enough interest in the project. If the entire group feels that someone is not pulling their weight, now is the time to do something

  1. Genuinely reach out to people

No one likes to work in an oppressive group. Try to genuinely talk to the people who are working with you. They will be more likely to cooperate with you if they know you are trying to get to the real end, instead of using them as a means to an end.

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How To Approach Your Last Year in College?

When you first enter college, your main focus is doing well. But that enthusiasm starts fading as you become used to the whole idea of being a college student. By the last year, you are looking forward to the future, or regretting the past, to the point you forget to live in the present.  The last year of college is more than simply getting enough grades to graduate. It’s the time to plant the seeds of a professional future.

  1. Polish your skills

When you’re a senior in college you have the hang of most things; your classes, your professors, etc. But the world out there is a bigger place than your college campus. Your senior year is the best time to polish whatever rough edges you might have. Maybe there’s a software you want to master or you want to increase your command over a foreign language to raise your chances of getting a job abroad. Define an area where you could make some improvement while still in college.


  1. Examine your resume

No one thinks about actually making their resume in the final year of college. It’s more something you do when the dust settles after graduation. Not only is it important to actually type out your resume, but it’s a chance to see how you can beef it up. Did you take part in organizing any seminars or events? What did you do besides taking mandatory classes? What events highlighted your abilities?

  1. Have an interest outside the College

Balancing college life is hard enough as it is but this is important for two reasons; One, it’s a chance to develop your intellectual focus that you can follow if you ever decide to go to graduate school. You can choose the research in your subjects and papers in your last year to reinforce your intellectual identity to give you a foundation to build on. Two, your area of “expertise” can lead you to jobs that you prefer and make you a better candidate than most to be hired.

  1. Be aware of your online life

Having fun in college is extremely important, no matter what anyone says. But this is also a time to be vigilant about what you are going to be associated with. Potential bosses will Google you when you send your resumes to their firms. You want to make sure that everything is the way you want it to be. If you are facing troubles in your college or university assignment so you can pay for custom essay writing service online.